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Prime Tours is a world class provider of travel services supporting the rising trend of E-tourism and Medical tourism in Egypt.
Prime tours is operating exclusively for the benefit of Tour n’ Cure, Prime Pharma’s Medical treatment program providing exceptional traveler experience services inside of Egypt including travel, accommodation, transportation & guided tours in Sharm El-Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan.
With access to state of the art technology Prime Tours connects with the Global Distribution System of hotels all over the world, enabling instant access to hundreds of the best hotels at any given moment, in addition to an extensive network of service providers in the hospitality field containing every 4 and 5 star hotel in Egypt.
The company employs a team of experts dedicated to providing Hepatitis C patients travelling to Egypt, first-rate travel and accommodation services during their stay, in an effort to create an overall pleasant experience for the patient over the course of their treatment.

Prime Tours

FIFA 2018 World Cup

Prime Tours has been appointed by FIFA & Match hospitality as the EXCLUSIVE sales agent of Egypt's territory for the World Cup Russia 2018 hospitality tickets in the alliance with book ur star intl. ltd. Prime tours got the deal after a big competition with the most popular multinational & regional ticketing & travel agencies in the world.